Analysis of Transformational Teaching as a Philosophical Foundation for Effective Classrooms
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Transformational teaching
Effective classroom
Critical thinking
Student collaboration
Holistic development

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Omodan, B., & Addam, B. (2022). Analysis of Transformational Teaching as a Philosophical Foundation for Effective Classrooms. Journal Of Curriculum Studies Research, 4(2), 15-29.


Nowadays, many classrooms are content-based and, therefore, disadvantage students from gaining lifelong skills that could support them in their future endeavours. This study proposed transformational teaching as a veritable strategy for effective classrooms where teaching and learning are taken beyond content delivery. This theory enables teachers/instructors/lecturers to promote expressive change that could lead to life-changing experiences among students. The study answers the following question: How can transformational teaching be presented as a stimulative teaching strategy for effective classrooms. The study is located within the transformative paradigm and designed with concept analysis, where the principles of transformational teaching are conceptualised and analysed using thematic analysis. The study was implemented by exploring the theory, its assumptions, and  the connections between the theory and classroom activities. The study found that when effectively implemented in the classrooms, transformational teaching will enhance students’ lifelong learning experiences and contribute to a productive society. The study further recommends that teachers and students adopt transformational principles/strategies in curriculum facilitation (in the teaching and learning activities).
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