Contribution of Gender on Learning Readiness among School Students of Nepal


Learning readiness
Student readiness
School readiness
Family readiness
Social capital

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Dangol, R., & Shrestha, M. (2021). Contribution of Gender on Learning Readiness among School Students of Nepal. Journal Of Curriculum Studies Research, 3(2), 19-36.


Readiness is the prerequisite for the effective learning process among school students. Its absence can hinder the learning of the students and schooling as a whole. The purpose of this study is to examine the contributions of gender in learning readiness.  This study is based on the cross-sectional survey design and it employed purposive sampling to gather data from 400 students via questionnaire. Then, the data were analyzed employing both descriptive and parametric statistical measures, particularly independent sample t-test.  In the meantime, the researcher has incorporated the social capital theory for discussing the results. The derived result reveals that all dimensions (student, school, and family) elucidated the high level of learning readiness among students.  Likewise, gender makes significant contributions in learning readiness and its dimensions due to variation in the influences related to the existing social capitals among students.  Finally, it is wrapped up that without gender equality, the enhancement of learning readiness is not possible.
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