Critical teaching in classrooms of healing: Struggles and testimonios


Ethnic Studies
critical pedagogy
social justice teaching
restorative justice

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Gibbs, B. (2020). Critical teaching in classrooms of healing: Struggles and testimonios. Journal Of Curriculum Studies Research, 2(1), 95-111.


Using testimonio methodology, this article describes the testimonio and struggle of two Chicanx activist social studies teachers teaching in a large urban high school serving socio-economically poor Latinx students. Both teach critically working to develop their students’ understanding of how their ethnic and community histories contrast with larger historical narratives. Both teach the racism, misogyny, and homophobia rampant in American history by connecting it to the present. They also engage a culturally sustaining pedagogy to give students strength from their cultural inheritance. Each approached this differently, one developing an ethnic studies course, and the second developing a circulo de hombres, and embedding a youth participation action research. Each teacher tackled critical teaching and healing simultaneously from different perspectives yielding a variety of accompanying struggles.