The Far Reaching Impact of Transformative Curriculum


transformative curriculum
English language learning
immigrant pedagogy
United States

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Adams, B. (2019). The Far Reaching Impact of Transformative Curriculum. Journal Of Curriculum Studies Research, 1(1), 17-32.


Throughout the curriculum history in the United States, attempts to improve the educational outcomes have been challenging. Nonetheless, dealing with systems of curricular which have never delivered the highest quality of education to diverse body of students, let alone immigrants and English Language Learners (ELLs) has been even more problematic. Consequently, scholars and educators have increasingly been faced with dilemma of implementing robust transformative curriculum in schools for these particular students. This case study is based on narrative critical ethnography. The researcher collected data of seven students from five non-English speaking nations (immigrants) and ELLs within the high school setting for a year. Through observations, interviews, and focus groups, the findings suggest that the curriculum transformed them to believe more in their dignity and worth, achieve academic excellence, and the commitment to advocacy. The study concludes with the analysis of the transformative curriculum as the renaissance of the curriculum theory and practice and made recommendations for future research.

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